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Art Museum (Fairmount)

Its quieter residential area is separate from but within walking distance of the riverside park.

Welcome to Art Museum (Fairmount)

A thriving community with an appreciation for culture and arts.
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Fairmount is a neighborhood bordering the Schuylkill River and Fairmount Park to the west in Philadelphia. Fairmount contains some of the best museums in the world and is renowned for its art scene. Its quieter residential area is separate from but within walking distance of the riverside park and many museums and cultural centers: the Philadelphia Museum of Art, the Rodin Museum, the Barnes Foundation, and more.
Fairmount has some of the oldest, most architecturally significant homes in Philadelphia. Many of its houses were built in the 18th and 19th centuries and feature unique floor plans. Their architecture follows the Pennsylvania German style of construction, which is characterized by stone and brick, steep roofs, and decorative gables and trim. While many homes here are of antiquity, there are some excellent examples of more modern architecture, particularly near the central business district. Homebuyers can expect to encounter single-family rowhomes, high-rises, and condos.

What to Love


  • Art district of Philadelphia
  • Walkable community with lots of activities
  • Values culture and arts
  • Proximity to Philadelphia Center City

Local Lifestyle

The undisputed artistic nexus of Philadelphia, Fairmount also boasts abundant open space, including the vast Fairmount Park, where locals like to walk, jog, and bike. It was named Fairmount by William Penn in reference to its view of downtown Philadelphia. In this neighborhood, there is high contrast between the dense museums and attractions, the quiet residential streets, and the aforementioned public space. For residents, the lifestyle contrast between intellectual and physical activity is best embodied by the Art Museum steps that Rocky would run.

Dining, Entertainment & Shopping

There are a variety of dining and shopping options in downtown Fairmount. Restaurants can be found around the community, serving American, Asian, Mexican, and Italian cuisine. Many of the restaurants in the historic district feature unique architectural details and designs, which add to the character and appeal of the area. Several bars are located on or near the public square, which is a popular place for residents to gather and socialize.
Zorba’s is a homey Greek tavern that serves homemade Greek and Mediterranean cuisine. Residents can bring their own wine or beer into the pub to pair with meals. Tela’s Market & Kitchen is a chic, modern eatery on Fairmount Avenue that serves locally-sourced dishes. Bar Hygge is a popular pub that serves charcuterie boards, beer, and American classics in an industrial-style dining area.
The majority of shopping to be done in Fairmount has to do with food. Between the supermarkets, specialty stores, and corner stores, all your groceries are in the neighborhood. One exception to this rule is Ali’s Wagon, a women-owned boutique for all ages located on Fairmont Avenue.
Regarding nightlife, there are a handful of quality bars in Fairmount. The Bishop’s Collar features jukeboxes, outdoor seating, and church pews. Urban Saloon has perhaps the most extensive beers list in the neighborhood, and Bar Hygge is a brewpub with sharable plates. Finally, during the Halloween season, the Eastern State Penitentiary transforms into an epic haunted house.

Things to Do

Fairmount is a community that is full of life and activity. The best way to experience the many things to do in Fairmount is to explore the walkable streets. Many museums and interactive experiences in the community can be explored independently or through guided tours.
  • The Philadelphia Museum of Art offers a range of exhibits and activities like tours, classes, virtual lessons, study rooms, and more. The museum is a host of art and architecture from around the world with 200 galleries and public spaces.
  • The Franklin Institute is a science museum that focuses on research and education. The museum has interactive exhibits and experiences, a science park, a planetarium, etc.
  • The Eastern State Penitentiary is a historic prison, once the most famous and expensive one in the world. Today, the prison is in ruins and can be toured during the day or night for special Halloween events.
  • Kelly Drive is a well-known nine-mile path along the Schuylkill River for walking, running, and biking. It is a beautiful path with water views, lined with cherry trees and baby chicks.
  • Fairmount Park has more than 2,000 acres of open spaces, hills, trails, and shaded woodlands. The park is split by the Schuylkill River and is ideal for walking, biking, and playing in open fields.


The School District of Philadelphia serves more than 200,000 students in the greater Philadelphia area, including Fairmount. Its mission is to ensure all students graduate and can succeed in our world.
  • Bache-Martin Elementary School
  • Benjamin Franklin High School

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